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We provide a wide range of products and services that serve our state's health care delivery system. By offering unique marketing synergy and outstanding value we provide superior return on any investment.

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If you have a product or service that is utilized in any context of health care delivery, we provide unique and cost-effective opportunities to help fulfill your marketing and branding objectives.

We can place your message in front of your buyers, and the people who influence your buyers. If your work supports the daily operation of a hospital or clinic, in any capacity, we  provide advertising solutions that offer outstanding potential return on investment. If your work supports patients that must be referred by physicians, we offer similar benefits. We also give you access to a difficult-to-reach market if your services or products target high income earners with advanced education and discriminating taste. We also reach clinic and hospital administrators and health system executives.

Finally, if your products or services are utilized through direct-to-consumer marketing, we give you unparalleled access to highly motivated and engaged patients. To learn more about these specific opportunities, scroll through the info below.

Media Kit we click with the medical profession

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Published for over 30 years, Minnesota Physician in an independent monthly medical journal written by physicians for physicians. We cover everything from clinical and scientific advances to socio-economic and policy issues. We provide an unbiased forum to address industry issues and are not affiliated with any national, state, county, or specialty society or association, third-party payer, or pharmaceutical manufacturer.

We mail to physicians licensed to practice in Minnesota and provide a trusted forum for communication within the profession.

Advertising Rates Effective January 1, 2023

$4387$4069$2967$2758$1764$4960$3988$3702$2710$2522$1560$4460$3688$3518$2487$2304$1375$40756x (per ad)12x (per ad)Full page2/3 page1/2 page1/3  page1/4 pageBack coverAD SIZE1 INSERTION

Guaranteed and special position: Minnesota Physician retains placement rights for all ads. A 10% premium will guarantee placement of ads ½ page or larger. For inside covers, add 10%.

Ad Submission

Email your camera-ready ad to your account executive. Please submit ads in PDF file format. (EPS and/or Tiff files are also acceptable.) Resolution should be set at 300 dpi. All files must be CMYK or grayscale and are inspected prior to production. Covers are printed on 60 lb. coated stock. Inside pages are printed on 30 lb. newsprint.

Materials not submitted camera-ready are subject to production charges.

Please use these photo specifications for inside pages from our printer:

  • Color photos should be saved as CMYK (not RGB)
  • Scan resolution = 300 dpi
  • Total ink limit (C + M + Y + K) = 230%
  • Black ink limit = 70%
  • Press Dot Gain = Approx 25%
  • Minimum dot value (highlights) = 7%
  • Anything less will not hold ink
  • Maximum dot value (shadows) = 70%
  • Anything more will saturate to solid

Payment terms/billing information

  • All rates listed are net.
  • A 3% discount may be taken from any invoice paid within10 days.
  • A finance charge of 18% per annum will be charged on past-due invoices.
  • Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date.
  • Interest, collection agency fees and/or reasonable legal fees shall be due as incurred if applicable to unpaid advertising invoices.
  • Non-camera-ready advertising materials will incur production charges on an individual basis.

print ad size

AD SIZEwidthHeight1/2 page H1/2 page V1/3 page1/4 page8.5"4"4"4"5.25"10.875"7.75"5.25"

AD SIZEwidthHeightFull pageTrim sizeFull-page bleed8.5"9.5"10"11.625"12.625"13.125"


  • A great way to leverage press coverage of your organization
  • An ideal supplement to your marketing/advertising program
  • Perfect for educational handouts at seminars and conferences
  • An outstanding complement to your public relations campaign
  • Color or Black & White


Reprints are usually letter size and printed on both sides Reprints requiring reformatted photos, additional text, logos, new photos, etc., incur production charges at $150/hr., with one-hour minimum. Some articles are too long to print on a single page and different pricing applies.

quantitycolorprice1005001000Read-only PDF fileB&WB&WB&WFull color + reprint orderFull color/no reprint order$300$500$725$125$250

2-color =  $300 extra •4-color process = $450 extra •Minimum order is 100 copies •Local delivery $35


Minnesota Physician is mailed to every physician licensed to practice in, and living in, Minnesota. We publish 17,000 copies each month. We closely monitor licensing data from the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice to maintain accurate and timely circulation. In addition to physicians, hospital and clinic administrators also receive the publication. We provide our advertisers the most extensive medical business mailing list in the state. Included on this business list are the CEOs and administrative executives from every major healthcare delivery organization in Minnesota. Annual subscriptions are available for $48.


Advertising in Minnesota Physician produces results! We offer effective penetration into a desirable and difficult-to-reach readership. Minnesota Physician is supported 100% by advertising; state, county, specialty society or association dues do not fund any portion of our operation. Therefore, Minnesota Physician must be a successful marketing tool, and our advertisers report outstanding results. Through use of top-quality graphics and meaningful editorial content, we provide an environment where your ad is seen and read with enthusiasm. If any portion of your business comes from physicians or their working environments, advertising in Minnesota Physician is your most cost-effective marketing strategy. Here are some demographics from the Minnesota Department of Health’s Geographic Distribution of Minnesota Physicians report of 2013.


Editorial assigned byEditorial due byProfessional updateSpecial FocusAd Space ReservationAd Materials DueOCTOBER6/30/238/19/23PulmonologySenior and Long
Term Care
NOVEMBER7/22/239/16/23RadiologyRural Health10/27/2311/3/23DECEMBER8/19/2310/14/23GerontologyHighlights from
Fall Conference
January10/6/2212/15/22DermatologyCommunity Health
Care  Resources

Editorial assigned byEditorial due byProfessional updateSpecial FocusAd Space ReservationAd Materials DueFebruary11/10/2212/15/22CardiologyHighlights from November Conference1/27/232/10/23March12/7/222/5/23Gastroenterology Health Care Legislation2/26/233/3/231/7/233/5/23OncologyDigital Transformation
in Health Care
SEPTEMBER6/4/237/30/23Pain MedicineGenetics and Genomics8/26/239/1/23may2/5/233/31/23Behavioral HealthHighlights from
Spring Conference
Editorial assigned byEditorial due byProfessional updateSpecial FocusAd Space ReservationAd Materials DueJune3/2/234/22/23Men’s Health5/26/236/2/23July4/2/235/20/23Preventive Medicine Care Coordination6/23/237/1/23August5/3/236/24/23Ophthalmology Physical Medicine
and Rehabilitation


Minnesota Physician is an independent, controlled circulation, medical journal with a monthly circulation of 17,000 copies. We publish reports on the business of medicine and are not affiliated with any national, state or county medical society or association. This independence allows us the unique opportunity to present sensitive topics from a candid and unbiased perspective.

Each issue contains several regular departments: capsules (news briefs) a colleague interview, and a special focus. There are regular reports on many other recurring topics such as ethics, research and policy. See our editorial calendar.

Minnesota Physician is written by physicians for physicians. Our editorial board is in constant contact with local, regional and national experts in untiring dedication to providing the most outstanding possible content.


  • Minnesota Health Care Roundtable reports publish in the May and December issues.
  • Health Care Architecture & Design Honor Roll publishes in the June issue.

We’ve helped businesses successfully reach physicians for over 35 years

  • Created as a marketing vehicle, our original research and editorial content is required industry reading. Advertising in Minnesota Physician is one of the most cost-effective methods of communicating with doctors in Minnesota.
  • 17,000 monthly physician readers—by far the most widely circulated journal in the state—every physician licensed to practice plus hospital and clinic administrators.
  • Written by doctors for doctors—all original commentary with the highest standards of journalistic integrity and a keen emphasis on provider advocacy.
  • High-quality print production values with a heat set format and outstanding color reproduction.
  • Influences and enhances referrals, both professional and patient.
  • Independent business-focused content—not affiliated with any state, county, specialty society or association. Provides   unbiased coverage of sensitive issues without a mission of   maintaining membership.
  • Advertising reaches a demanding, hard-to-reach readership that understands your support of their forum for professional communication.


  • The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.
  • The publisher is not responsible for any damage resulting from the content or errors in the content of any advertisement.
  • If the publisher is at fault for any    advertisement appearing incorrectly, the limit of that liability shall be to publish such advertisement correctly in the next issue.
  • Advertisers are held responsible for all invoices billed to advertising agencies that  default on payment.
  • Unearned frequency discounts and cancellation penalties related to advertising agreement termination are charged back to the advertisers.
  • Advertising cancellations after the 25th of the month preceding publication are not possible and will be billed.
  • All ads must be bordered.

media kit pdf

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Media Kit we click with the medical profession

Editorial assigned byEditorial due byProfessional updateSpecial FocusAd Space ReservationAd Materials DueEditorial assigned byEditorial due byProfessional updateSpecial FocusAd Space ReservationAd Materials Due

Editorial assigned byEditorial due byProfessional updateSpecial FocusAd Space ReservationAd Materials Due