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Our publications

We provide industry-leading publications and forums that serve physicians, hospital and clinic administrators, health care business executives, and health care consumers.

We are an independent organization, not affiliated with a county, state, or specialty society or association, third-party payer, or pharmaceutical manufacturer. We provide non-biased platforms to share information between industry stakeholder groups and present issues from a physician/patient advocacy perspective.

We also host the Minnesota Health Care Roundtable, a semi-annual conference that focuses on different topics that affect the evolution of health care policy.

Minnesota Physician

Published for over 30 years, Minnesota Physician is an independent monthly medical journal written by physicians for physicians. We cover everything from clinical and scientific advances to socio-economic and policy issues.

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Minnesota health care news

Minnesota Health Care News is a  biweekly copyrighted single-user subscription-based electronic publication. It features condensed and timely reports on breaking health-care delivery system business  news from the state of Minnesota. If you need to know what is happening in health care, Minnesota Health Care News is an invaluable resource. Published for over 27 years, single-user subscriptions are $255 for 50 issues.

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